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We're Putting The Cool In Homeschool!

No more boring books and tedious worksheets! 

We’re delivering Epic Comic books and fun learning experiences! 

Hi Homeschoolers!

You’re different from the rest of the kids out there. So you deserve something epic!

We want to make your homeschoolers feel even cooler about their reading experience. 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your kids engaged. 

That’s where we come in!

Adroit Comics is partnering with Flowing Rivers Learning Center to deliver exciting reads, virtual workshops, and clubs for kids of all ages.

Keep scrolling to discover all the awesomeness in store for your homeschoolers. 

We Heart Homeschool Clubs

Free Online Homeschool Community

Join the Beta launch of the We Heart Homeschool Community.
Kids and teens can join online club forums to share their projects and passions.

Each club also offers bi-weekly live meetings via our virtual classroom.

Live club membership starts at only $20!
Space is limited so book your spots early!

Early Learners - Ages 4-7

Donut Party Reading Club (30 min)

Lego Builders Club (30 min)

Young Artists Club (30 Min)

Adventure Club

Big Kids - Ages 7-10

Lego Builders

Young Artists Club

Comic Creator’s Club

Creative Writing

Minecraft Club


Tweens & Teens - Ages 10+

Art Club

International Cooking

Cutie Pie Tweens Books & Baking Club

Teen Bakers Club

Comic Creators Club

Creative Writing

Minecraft Club

Game makers club


Crafty Crochet

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